Who are Lost Tribes Clothing?

So here we are, you want to know who we are? Well grab a seat folks, take a minute to unwind and let’s go on a journey together. 

We started Lost Tribes out of necessity 

My Wife Kelly and I opened a Personal Training Studio called Priority One Fitness in 2011, this studio become a home to so many people.. it became a place they could come when they didn’t want to go to their individual homes, it became a place where you caught up with your P1 family and trained together, so when we closed the doors at the end of 2015 all of our members and trainers went left right and centre.

When we told everyone that the gym was closing the first thing everyone said was “now where do we go”

There was no place for everyone to gather, no more home, no more family… 

About 2months later we saw an old client who had purchased our first ever hoodie from the gym 3yrs prior, i asked her why she was still wearing it and she said “its the only thing that makes me feel part of something, like the P1 family was still around”

In that moment we realised what we had to do, we had to come up with a way to bring everyone back together, but a gym wasn’t going to be it… So what do we do then? We’ve always had a passion for clothing, we always made hoodies and training tees for everyone to train in, so it made sense to align the passion with the necessity.

Myself and Kelly were sitting on the couch one afternoon thinking of how to start this journey, what do we call it, what do we want it to achieve?

The answer was simple and kept jumping out at us, bring people together.

So now we had the idea, start a clothing line with the aim to make people feel like they’re part of a family! But what do we call it?? Kelly has a native american tattoo behind her ear of 2 feathers tied together, the meaning behind it is unity, That’s how the mission was born! But what do we call it????

The world we live in today is so disconnected, people just don’t talk to each other anymore… Kelly randomly said she felt a bit LOST at times as she didn’t know what the next step was and didn’t know who talk to about it... and that was it! LOST TRIBES!!! playing on the tattoo meaning and feeling like we weren’t part of something bigger than us anymore...

So our mission with Lost Tribes became so simple, design clothing that UNITES people with other like minded people! 

When anyone wears our clothes, and they see anyone else wearing it, they both know that they’re part of the same family! The same TRIBE! 

The first singlets were designed with our unity logo, designed to be an ice breaker when people go to the gym and see each other wearing it… much like when you go to a party and see someone wearing the same shirt as you, the “did we just become best friends” type moment follows haha

The brand has developed into so much more than that now, its a symbol of Unity, a brand that when you wear the clothes, you actually feel like you’re part of the mission… When you buy big brands clothing you don’t necessarily feel like you’re part of that brand, but with us, if you buy any of our clothes, you are part of our TRIBE, part of our FAMILY!

The passion we have for bringing people together is the reason WHY we do what we do… You know that feeling you get when you buy someone a gift for their birthday... they open it, and genuinely love it and are so excited about it… Thats how we feel every time someone buys our clothes and loves the feel, the cut and the way it makes them feel!


This is why Lost Tribes Exists…To Unite People…As One World, One Tribe!

 My name is Zahier Carr, Welcome to the Tribe!